"Z" Frank Chevrolet

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Zollie S. Frank (1908-1990) was known to Chicagoans as "Z Frank," the man said to have sold more Chevrolet automobiles than any dealer in the world. The store opened on Tuesday, April 7, 1936. His partner was Armund J. Schoen.

Never one to appear or be heard on his television and radio advertisements, Mr. Frank relied on savvy marketing, gifts of ice cream pies, cuff links, or silver dollars for customers and the slogan "Z Frank before you buy" as the catalyst for his businesses at 6116 N. Western Avenue, which started at 6060 N. Western Avenue, and 2050 W. Peterson Avenue.

Mr. Frank, of Winnetka, was born in Dayton, Ohio, where he once worked in the produce business with his father. In 1935, he moved to Chicago.