Grace at Work on Western Avenue

God_s Battle Axe
Photo by Stephanie Barto
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God’s Battle Axe Prayer Ministries International serves the Charismatic and Pentecostal Christian communities in Rogers Park, West Ridge and the surrounding north side neighborhoods of Chicago. The congregation, located at 6969 North Western Avenue, views itself not only as a religious organization, but as a community institution with a focus on summer employment and youth.

The relatively new organization began meeting for prayers in Edgewater and became a registered, nonprofit congregation in Rogers Park in 2010. The church is led by Dr. Pastor Wilson Obaseki-Igbinosa and Resident Pastor Michael Ayoola.

The church embraces Charismatic Christianity, a form of Protestant Christianity, of which Pentecostalism is part. Its doctrine emphasizes the Holy Spirit, the Resurrection and miracles, as well as eternal damnation. Through faith in the Holy Spirit, the congregation believes that adherents are granted spiritual gifts including speaking in tongues.

 The doors of the ministry are open to anyone. The ministry offers services three days a week. Two are offered on Sunday during the middle of the day. On Mondays, the church provides supernatural interventions in the middle of the night from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Wednesdays feature Sword of the Spirit Bible study and prayers. The ministry has been involved in work to benefit the surrounding community, including youth programs and a food program for people in need. Loss of state funding has curtailed some of these programs, but church leaders are actively looking for more opportunities to serve and are currently planning a health fair for the Rogers Park neighborhood.

This congregation is a typical example of a Chicago storefront church.