1991 in the 49th and 50th ward of Chicago was a period of political activity spurred by the previous aldermanic career of David Orr and the crumbling Daley Machine. As Joe Moore and Bob Clarke competed for the position of Alderman for the 49th ward, a continuation of controversy arose surrounding the Chicago political machine and became increasingly challenged by an independent democratic ideology, which in turn spurred an uncovering of much of the corruption that had been well-hidden in the past few decades. The uprooting of voter fraud and unlawful voting tactics was handled by upgraded security and poll watchers on a comprehensive scale.

A button supporting electing David Orr for the position of Cook County Clerk.

A 1991 campaign button for Joe Moore promising a continuation of David Orr’s legacy of progressive, independent politics.

A campaign button promoting the re-election of Joe Moore in 1995.


Under David Orr, the Cook County Clerk launched a county-wide registration push prior to the 1992 and 1994 elections.


Campaign Strategy

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Elections and Voting

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