Welcome to 1979 Politics in the Community of Rogers Park

Remember to vote for the men and women who will best support your community. (Flyer from the 50th Ward, which covered parts of Rogers Park and West Ridge, ca. 1979)

In the community of Rogers Park, political campaigning was influenced heavily by community values and the influence of the political Machine on the area. The election of 1979 was affected by the divide between politicians who supported the Machine and the politicians who fought against the influence and corruption of the Machine. This divide resulted in the lessening of the Machine’s power over the community in the election of 1979 for Alderman of the 49th Ward in Rogers Park. David Orr was an independent Democrat who won the election of 1979 through his involvement in the community during his campaign and his actions
against the political dominance and corruption of the Machine.


The Machine

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The Community

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