Ken Walchak

Ken Walchak, RP/WRHS President

Whether you are a member of our organization or, in the words of that old Irish proverb, a friend we have not yet met, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season, no matter which holidays you celebrate. I would also like to thank you for the support you have provided our organization during a very eventful and successful 2017.

The mission of the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society is to preserve and share the past and present stories of our community. Free programs on local history at three public libraries,walking tours of significant neighborhood streets, our annual house tours of “hidden gem” corners of the community and a new cookbook that documents the eclectic food cultures of past and present residents are just a few of the ways we work to bring the community’s story to life. This year, we were especially pleased to have received the Chicago Math and Science Academy’s 2017 Community Service Award in recognition of these efforts.

As the new year approaches, our dedicated volunteer teams, along with students in the Public History program at Loyola University, are planning even more and even better programs to serve every part of our diverse community. Our goal is to offer activities that are fun, informative and affordable for all, and to do it on an unbelievably slim budget. But — and you knew there had to be a but — we need your help.

If you believe, as we do, that our efforts help make Rogers Park and West Ridge more appealing places to live and work, support us with your membership. If you are already a member, please renew, and if you haven’t yet joined, we invite you to become a member today for a contribution of $25 or $20 for students and seniors.

If you can afford a larger gift, consider an annual membership at the Supporting, Sustaining, or Benefactor level, or a Lifetime membership for a contribution of $1,000. Your generosity will support programs that share the story of the strength and vitality of Rogers Park and West Ridge with all of Chicago and the world.

Once you join or renew your membership, please don’t stop there. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and try to attend as many of our events as you can. Forward our email messages to your friends, neighbors, former classmates, rich relations, and anyone else you can think of, encouraging them to join us as well.

I look forward to meeting and greeting you often in the upcoming New Year.


Ken Walchak
President, RP/WRHS