From the earliest days, Rogers Park and West Ridge have been welcoming communities for immigrants from abroad and newcomers from other areas of the city and the rest of the United States. From the early waves of European immigrants to today’s mix of people from every corner of the nation and the world, our culture has been enriched through the sharing of our traditions, our experiences and especially, our food.

The World in One Neighborhood: The Varied Cuisines of Chicago’s Far North Side is a collection of 221 recipes contributed by current and past residents, local restaurants and others with strong emotional ties to our community. The eclectic mix includes everything from easy dips and snacks to dishes as challenging and interesting as Peking Duck, Green Bison Chili, Greek-Style Roast Leg of Lamb and Ethiopian Dabo bread. You’ll find family favorites, traditional ethnic dishes and modern creations from more than 100 contributors, with origins traced to six continents. Many of the recipes include notes that give a glimpse into how the dish came about or how it fits into the contributor’s life story. It’s a book that will be of interest to anyone who has ever lived in the community, anyone who likes to cook, or anyone who appreciates the rich variety of Chicago’s food scene.

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