We are delighted to add three new members to the Board of Directors. Welcome!

Board Member

Belinda Gunn

Board Member

Nicole Kowrach

Board Member

Peter Medlock

Belinda Gunn has a strong background in community outreach, social justice, inclusion, and activism, with skills in community organizing, technology, outreach, and fundraising.

Peter Medlock is a former Creative Director in the largest advertising and marketing firms and Fortune 250 public and independent corporations, with skills in social media design and development, photography, filmmaking, and marketing.

Nicole Kowrach is the Senior Vice President of Education and Audience Engagement at Chicago Architecture Center Greater Chicago, with skills in all aspects of non-profit work, and especially in youth education, adult programming, and exhibitions.

We also want to thank outgoing Board Members for their service.

Former Board Member

Andrea Kiern

Former Board Member

Kay McSpadden

Andrea Keirn joined the board in 2019 and focused efforts on expanding the Society’s social media footprint. She developed our Sponsors Welcome Package and our Realtors Welcome Package.

Kay McSpadden served on the RPWRHS Board for 10+ years and organized events to tell the community’s story through Living History Talks and Walking Tours. She will continue to serve as an Ex-Officio Advisor.