President Ken Walchak welcomes the clock into the RPWRHS collection.

Many thanks to donor Jeanne E. Heinen, who recently gave us a treasured keepsake that is truly part of our neighborhood’s history. The Sessions Oak-Cased Drop Octagon (Schoolhouse) Clock  once hung in the classroom of Jeanne’s dear friend, Dorothy Heitman (1900 – 2000), who taught primary grades for many years at Field School and also served as Vice Principal. When Dorothy retired in the mid-1960s, she was presented with the clock from her classroom, and after her passing, her family gave the clock to Jeanne in honor of their long friendship. Jeanne has now presented it to us, in memory of her friend Dorothy, who was an important presence in our community. She taught multiple generations of students at Field School, lived for decades just two blocks away from the school, on West Greenleaf Avenue, and, we recently discovered, even served as registrar for the local draft board located at Field School in 1940, just before the United States entered World War II. 

Next step is hang the clock in a permanent space in our office ,where it will serve as a lasting reminder of childhood for countless Field School alums. We hope some will stop by and share their memories of Field School, Mrs. Heitman and their growing-up years in Rogers Park.